Defective Products

We are surrounded by products that we use in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, we find that many products are poorly designed and can cause serious injury. Whether it is a diet drug, a defective and dangerous stove, or an exploding car gas tank, people are injured, or worse, every day. Let Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay help you when a defective product injures you or a loved one.
Defective Home Heaters

People depend on the warmth afforded by space heaters on a cold winter’s night. When those heaters malfunction and cause house fires, the results are tragic. Severe burns and death are often the result. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we are well experienced in litigating cases involving defective products. In fact, we have handled more defective heater cases than nearly all other law firms in the country. Let us help you when the warmth of a heater on a cold night becomes a fiery menace.
Defective Pharmaceuticals

People have come to rely on the miracle of modern medicine. When those medicines cause injury or death, Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay is there to help. Whether from Fen-phen, L-tryptophan, Dalkon Shield, Baycol, Albuterol, Oxycontin, Rezulin, or a host of other dangerous drugs, our firm is on the case. We have handled thousands of dangerous drug cases (Click here for more information). Call us for the best representation available when pharmaceuticals cause injury.
Defective Tires

In the past few years, tire recalls have become commonplace. Unfortunately, the recalls have come after tragic injuries that have killed whole families and worse. When faced with a tire failure case, you need the expertise that Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay bring to bear. Let our experts and expertise help you.
Synthetic Stucco

If your home is finished with synthetic stucco, it may be deteriorating from the inside out! Lurking inside the wood frame of your house could be rot, mildew, mold, and termites. It’s a nightmare no one wants to experience, but thousands of Florida homeowners have. Thousands more will. There are few visible symptoms. When the symptoms become visible, damage can be severe. When your own home becomes sick, Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay can help.