What You Need to Know as an Injury Victim

DO call your automobile insurance company if you were in an automobile accident.

DO NOT count on the at-fault person to take responsibility. They probably won’t and they may not even have insurance.

DO seek medical treatment; immediately. Many people think they can “tough out” an injury and do not seek medical care until months later. Often medical providers will not accept automobile insurance after a certain time and the patient will have to pay for treatment out of their own pocket. Worse, insurance companies will claim that some intervening event caused the injury, not the accident.

DO NOT give any statements, whether written, recorded, or oral, to anyone concerning your accident or injuries without getting our approval. If your insurance company sends you anything, get it to us immediately so we can review the content and make sure it does not limit your legal rights.

DO NOT make any incorrect statement to any doctor who may treat or examine you with respect to any prior injuries or accidents – if you don’t remember, say so. Any false or incorrect statements could haunt you. On the other hand, be sure to tell your doctor every place or way that you hurt. He needs to know everything in order to properly treat you.

DO NOT tell anyone you plan to hire a lawyer. It is your business and no one else’s. In fact, do not discuss your case with anyone other than the attorneys or staff of Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay.

DO NOT change your address or employment without notifying Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay.

DO take pictures of the damage to you car if injured in an accident before you get it repaired. If you do not have a digital camera, use your cell phone camera. If you don’t have either, borrow a camera from a friend or purchase a disposable camera.

DO get the names of people who witnessed the event. Do not rely on the accident report for witnesses’ names.

DO save all pill bottles, casts, braces, and any other items from your doctors.

DO give us any pictures and videos of the accident or accident scene that you or anyone else has taken for you.

DO save all receipts itemizing any and all expenses you incurred as a result of your accident. Receipts must be dated and contain legible and complete vendor identification.

DO keep a journal of how you feel. Memories fade and a journal will help you remember in the event you must undergo extended treatment, or the resolution of your case is prolonged due to the trial process.

DO NOT make the mistake of thinking you will not be watched or be under surveillance by the insurance company. In this era of video cameras and “frivolous cases” insurance companies do not hesitate to hire someone to follow and videotape you — wherever you are. Go about your normal daily business and do what you are capable of doing.  Don’t attempt to exaggerate or downplay your injuries.