Other Case Types


Admiralty and Maritime law involves the application of law to events that occur on navigable waters, including the oceans of the world, large lakes and rivers that can be used for commercial shipping. In a state such as Florida, the application of this law can affect nearly anyone. Persons injured on personal watercraft or cruise ships find themselves faced with litigation governed by this specialized area of the law. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we can make certain that you receive the specialized representation that a water accident requires.

Airbag Failures

When properly designed, air bags are useful safety devices. Sadly, certain air bag systems were badly designed resulting in thousands of serious air bag injuries. Defectively designed air bags have caused brain hemorrhages, heart damage, and paralysis, especially among children, TMJ, facial fractures, and disfigurement. Injuries are also caused by air bag systems when they deploy unexpectedly.

Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain is injured by a sudden force, or trauma. The brain can be banged into the side of the skull by a sudden blow, through shaking or “whiplash”. Regardless of the cause, the brain can suffer bruising and swelling, and in some cases intracranial bleeding. Traumatic brain injury can lead to life-threatening events and permanent irreversible damage to the brain. Traumatic brain injury if often characterized through paralysis, seizures, blindness, memory loss, impaired communication skills, and loss of senses such as taste or smell. Symptoms can be as obvious as coma or as subtle as a change in mood and can be the result of a fall, auto accident, nursing home injury, or any trauma. A hypoxic-anoxic injury, also known as HAI, occurs when the flow of oxygen to the brain is disrupted, essentially starving the brain and preventing it from performing vital biochemical processes. Hypoxic refers to a partial lack of oxygen; anoxic means a total lack. In general, the more complete the deprivation the more severe the harm to the brain and the greater the consequences. If you recognize that a loved one exhibits these symptoms as a result of an injury, contact us today.

Brake Failures

Without properly working brakes, automobiles become guided missiles, unable to stop. But cars, trucks, bicycles, even trains require properly maintained functioning brakes. Without them, the result can be a damaged knee on a bicycle or hundreds of deaths from bad brakes on a train. Whatever the source, whatever the injury, Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay is there. Our staff and investigators are well trained in investigating the cause of the accident. Our experts are second to none.

Construction Zone Accidents

The construction industry is dangerous by definition. Large equipment, whirring machinery, and tight schedules contribute to accidents. In roadway construction zones there is an added risk – drivers. Heavy trucks and passenger cars account for thousands of deaths every year in highway construction zones. Even when drivers are negligent, the project manager is responsible to take adequate measures to protect workers. Often these failures lead to tragedy.

Defective Home Heaters

People depend on the warmth afforded by space heaters on a cold winter’s night. When those heaters malfunction and cause house fires, the results are tragic. Severe burns and death are often the result. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we are well experienced in litigating cases involving defective products. In fact, we have handled more defective heater cases than nearly all other law firms in the country. Let us help you when the warmth of a heater on a cold night becomes a fiery menace.

Dog Bites

There is nothing more terrifying than being attacked by a dog. Victims are often severely injured and mentally traumatized. For children, the injuries can be even worse. While Georgia does have “one free bite” rule, Florida does not. Owners in Florida are strictly liable for their pets so long as the animal was not provoked to attack. If you or your child has been injured in an animal attack, seek counsel.

Drunk Drivers

Every year, thousands of people are injured and hundreds are killed by drunk drivers on our highways. Often the bars that served them could have stopped the carnage. Whether it is a house party, underage drinkers, or drunks from a bar, you need to know you legal rights when a family member, friend or loved one runs into one of these highway menaces. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we know what to do.

Firearm Accidents

The right to bear arms is a part of our constitution but that does not mean that manufacturers have a commensurate right to build defective guns. Bad gun designs and quality control failures lead to thousands of gun injuries and deaths yearly. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, half of our attorneys have served in the armed forces and understand the danger a defective gun poses. When faulty firearms cause injury or death, contact us immediately for a case evaluation.

Four Wheeler Crashes

There are nearly as many four wheelers in America as automobiles. Unfortunately, these recreational machines are subject to the same sorts of recalls as cars. If you have been hurt by a defective four-wheeler, contact our office. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we have the resources and the experience to get to the bottom of any four-wheeler accident.

Inadequate Security Industrial Accidents

Local malls and shopping centers are a boon to the community. Sadly, they are also a gathering place for the criminal element. Merchants who benefit from local dollars should also provide adequate security for their patrons. When the criminal element takes advantage of inadequate security measures, Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay are there to help. No one should face death in a parking lot as a result of scrimping on security. Don’t be hurt twice. Contact us today for a case evaluation.

Maintenance Failures

Whether a store floor is slippery and wet, an airplane is improperly serviced, or a repair shop cuts corners on repairs, maintenance failures cost people their lives every day. If you think you or a loved one has been the victim of such a failure, call Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay. We will take the time to learn what has happened and determine what is best for you.

Medical Malpractice

At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we have made a conscious decision to limit medical malpractice cases. However, that does not mean you have not been the victim of medical negligence. We have relationships with lawyers across the nation. Let us help you find the most competent counsel available.

Railroad Accidents

Second only to airliner crashes in the havoc wreaked, railroad accidents remain a major cause of injury in America. Additionally, because of the dangers associated with working near these mammoth machines workers often find themselves seriously injured or worse. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we understand that proper representation in a Federal Employers Liability Act case is critical. Likewise, diligent investigation in a railroad negligence case is crucial to properly representing our clients.

Slip and Falls

Accidents can happen, but owners of property have an obligation to visitors to make property reasonably safe. When owners fail to do so, person can be injured. Loose floor mats or rugs, missing or broken tiles, water or other substances on the floor, poorly lit entrances or stairs, cracks or holes in sidewalks, and loose or misplaced gravel are all examples of failures to take reasonable steps to protect persons entering the property. Such a failure is negligence and can lead to a lawsuit when a person is injured. If you are the victim of a slip and fall or a trip and fall, contact us for an evaluation.

Tired Drivers

In our fast-pace world, people work long and late. More and more Americans commute long distances than ever before. Combine that with truckers forced to work excessive hours and the result can often be tragedy. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we know how to prove a tired driver case. From commercial log books to dispatch sheets to expert testimony, our lawyers are skilled at ferreting out the truth and finding out why that driver was on the road. We have handled hundreds of cases such as these. Don’t seek the advice of a novice. We are this area’s largest personal injury law firm.

Vehicle Fires

Poor automotive design and manufacture leads to thousands of vehicle fires every year. Fortunately, most people escape before it is too late. Sadly, however, every year families die in vehicle fires that could have been avoided. At Fonvielle Lewis Messer & McConnaughhay, we know the pain loved ones feel when faced with vehicle fire tragedies. We can help.